The 70th Annual Fall Show and Competition was held on October 7 & 8, 2017.  Shown below is the Winner’s Wall, the list of competition winners and photos of their work.  Also, shown are the winning members accepting their awards.

2017 Competiton Winner’s Wall

2017 River Art Group’s 70th Annual Fall Competition Winners

Best of Show

Sue Hosack            Beach Heron (Fiber)

People’s Choice Award

Maria Diaz              A Mission Door  (Watercolor)


1st Place – Roberta Smashey              Flower Girls-The Gossips
2nd Place – Wayne Meredith               Wild Rooster #10
3rd Place – Pamela Clarkson               Market Square Salsa


1st Place – Maureen Mosher                Favourite Hat
2nd Place – Geri VanHeuverswyn        Blackberry Morning
3rd Place – Sylvia St. Jean                 The Fasinators


1st Place – Gail Rutledge                     Cheyenne Joe
2nd Place – Barbara Tarsikes               Boxing Pads
3rd Place – Cindy Morawski                 Burning Bright

Mixed Media

1st Place – Jannine Meszler                 Lake Reflections (Glass)
2nd Place – Jan Brown                        Grass Frog (Glass)
3rd Place – Galo Garcia Jr                   Green Butterfly (Leather)


1st Place – Walter Collis                       Texas Map & Gun
2nd Place – Walter Collis                      Never Give Up
3rd Place –  Susie Walker                     Pine Cone Bouquet


1st Place – Shirley Elfstrom                  Tree of Life Pendant
2nd Place – Sally Sanders                    Enchanted Heart
3rd Place – Maria Guerrero                  Royal Colors


1st Place – Jay Lauver                         Reflections in the Sea
2nd Place – David Guerrero                 Bevo
3rd Place – Paul Brinkmann                 Elephant Ear Leaf

Wayne Meredith with Kathy Allen 2nd Place Oil/Acrylics
Sally Sanders with Kathy Allen
2nd place Jewelry
Walter Collis with Kathy Allen
1st place Photography
Maureen Mosher with Kathy Allen
1st place Watercolor
Maria Guerrero with Kathy Allen
3rd place Jewelry
Maria Diaz with Kathy Allen
People’s Choice Award
Jannine Meszler with Kathy Allen
1st place Mixed Media
David Guerrero with Kathy Allen
2nd place Sculpture
Walter Collis with Kathy Allen
2nd place Photography
Barbara Tarsikes with Kathy Allen 2nd place Drawing