River Art Group has held their 69th Annual Art Competition and the winners of this years competition are shown below. Enjoy browsing through the best of our best artwork. Many thanks to our judge, Kraig Kiedrowski. Thank you to the many customers and visitors of River Art Group for selecting our People’s Choice award.

Best of Show People’s Choice
Cindy Morawski – Donkey in Sunlight

Margie Barker – Pop’s Old Shed

donkey-in-the-sunshine-cindy-morowski pops-old-shed-margie-barker


Oil, Acrylics as Oil
First Place Second Place Third Place
Gail Rutledge – Double Down Roberta Smashey – Little Church Window Wayne Meredith – Wild Rooster
double-down-gail-rutledge little-church-window-roberta-smashey wild-rooster-wayne-meredith


Watercolor, Acrylics as Watercolor
First Place Second Place Third Place
Geri VanHeuverswyn – Red Delicious David Guerrero – El Santuario Chimayo #1 Betty Jameson – Fossil Story
red-delicious-geri-vanheuverswyn el-santuario-chimayo-1-david-guerrero fossil-story-betty-jameson


Pastels, Pen and Ink, Pencil, Charcoal
First Place Second Place Third Place
Nana Carrillo – Sunset over Hill Country Adriana Rodriguez – Kenya Woman Maria Aguirre – Cat with an Attitude
sunset-over-the-hill-country-nana-carrillo kenya-woman-adriana-rodriguez  cat-with-attitude-vera-smith


Photography, Digital Art
 First Place  Second Place  Third Place
 Walter Collis – Goodbye Kodachrome  V. J. Lair – Mission Espada Pew  Susie Walker – Riverwalk Reflection
 good-bye-kodachrome-walter-collis  img_0146  river-walk-reflections-susie-walker


Sculpture, Jewelry, Pottery Porcelain, Original Prints
First Place Second Place Third Place
Susan Gleye – Zucchini Al Metts – Fan-tastic Martha  Breiternitz – Musical In Lapis
 zucchini-susan-gleye fan-tastic-al-metts musical-in-lapis-martha-breternitz


Mixed Media, Encaustic, Glass, Stained Glass, Fiber, Mosaic, Collage
First Place Second Place Third Place
Sara Mueller – Reaching for the Light Barbara Garstecki – Red Passion Howard Redman – New Look
reaching-for-the-light-sara-mueller red-passion-barbara-garstecki new-look-howard-redman